Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings: New Album Is Full Of Living Soundscapes

new collaborative album from Peter Phippen showcases soothing vibes

Rebecca Mennecke |

LIVING SOUND. The new album from Victoria Shoemaker, Peter Phippen, and Brian Reidinger lives and breathes in the spiritual realm. 

“I wanted to do something different this time,” said Grammy-nominated musician Peter Phippen of his new album, Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings. “Everything was off the cuff. It was spur of the moment.”

This collaborative album, which was released in early January, features antique Japanese flutes, contemporary bamboo flutes, contemporary (20th century) flutes, modern Native American-style flutes, soundscape effects, and rhythmic drumming, all thanks to a collaborative effort between local musicians Peter Phippen, Victoria Shoemaker, and Brian Reidinger.

It's like an apparition. It's like a ghost. And it's like a dream.

Peter Phippen

Local musician

“Playing free like this, I can come up with something better than I could think of,” Phippen said, “so it’s like an apparition. It’s like a ghost. And it’s like a dream because you’re dreaming it. And it’s an imagining because I’ve imagined something like this, but I have no idea what it’s going to be when I walk into the studio.”

This latest album lives and breathes in the spiritual realm, encouraging listeners to live in the moment. Like the music, Phippen and his crew breathe in the moment to create the soothing sound of the album.

“Once you’ve played it, it’s gone,” Phippen said. “I left things a little more raw, on purpose.”

The longtime Eau Claire-based musician has plenty of big plans for the future of his music – plans he’s not quite ready to share yet. “I’ve got a good idea of what I want to do,” he said. “But I like things to happen. I like people to know after the fact because I can change my mind, and that happens all the time.”

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