Water Street Deli Expands, Rebrands As ‘Deem’

local deli’s hummus and pita chips offered at more Chippewa Valley locations, thanks to a recent expansion

Rebecca Mennecke |

DEEM. Water Street Deli – a beloved local deli – recently expanded and rebranded as
LIVING THE DEEM. Water Street Deli recently expanded and rebranded as "Deem," in an effort to expand the local eatery's beloved hummus and pita chip offerings. (Photo via Facebook)

A beloved local deli is expanding its authentic pita chip and hummus offerings through a new expanded location, and recently rebranded with a new identity, Deem, after a two-and-a-half year long project seeking to broaden the deli’s horizons.

The Water Street Deli and Grocery started as a collaboration between Dr. Nizar Ottoman and Sam Almadhoun who sought to bring authentic, delicious food from the Middle East to the Chippewa Valley. Now, they’re thrilled to be able to share their product with the broader Midwest – and eventually nationally. 

I can't tell you how (excited) we are about this. The new factory allows us to achieve new goals we always thought would be possible.

Elaine Campbell

Administrative secretary at Water Street Deli

“Over the years, these two quickly realized their pita chips and hummus were among the favorites of local customers,” said Elaine Campbell, administrative secretary at the deli. “It was decided the restaurant would close its doors and focus on their much-loved hummus and pita chips to distribute these products to local grocery stores.”

While the restaurant closed several years ago, production continued at the Water Street location. However, as of a month ago, the Water Street Deli has moved to a semi-automated factory, making it possible to distribute their delectable foods more broadly under their new rebranded name, Deem.

“Don’t worry!” a Facebook post announcing the change said. “We are still using the same recipes. The taste you know and love won’t change – just the label!” There are plans in the works for an even larger location, but for the time being, the team is excited for their new location at 2625 Pomona Drive in Eau Claire. “I can’t tell you how (excited) we are about this,” Campbell said. “The new factory allows us to achieve new goals we always hoped would be possible.”

Water Street Deli’s hummus is 100% fresh, 100% vegan, and 100% authentic. Keep up to date with the deli's expansion here