Green Fleet Goes Greener, Launches Delivery and On-Demand Ride Options

Pizza? Checks? Packages? Fleet of Teslas will take it all

Rebecca Mennecke |

One of Green Fleet's electric-powered Tesla vehicles. (Submitted photo)
One of Green Fleet's electric-powered Tesla vehicles. (Submitted photo)

Green Fleet, a sustainable luxury shuttle service in Eau Claire, is looking to expand its business in March. They are partnering with Mobile 22 – a transportation service based in Madison – to allow for local on-demand rides and delivery services.

“It will feel very familiar to anyone that’s used Uber or Lyft,” said founder Bill Lobner. “(It will have) that type of on-demand booking process. We will also have the ability for pre-scheduled rides.”

Not only is this new expansion going to make it easier for you to book your stylish ride, it also will allow for a new delivery option. “Looking at anything from food, to packages, to checks or document deliveries,” Lobner said. “So really expanding our offerings from what we’re currently doing.”

While things are changing over at Green Fleet, one thing that won’t change is the sustainability of using Teslas. You can take comfort in knowing that your rides and deliveries are not only fun, but also green.

Check out more information about Green Fleet at greenfleetec.com.