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Get Wild and Draw Some Wildlife For the DNR’s Art Contest

fourth- through sixth-grade students invited to make art on the theme: ‘Keep Wildlife Wild’

Rebecca Mennecke |

Get your colored pencils, markers, crayons, and paint ready for the third annual Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ poster contest. This year’s contest asks Wisconsin fourth- through sixth-grade students to create a poster that encapsulates the theme “Keep Wildlife Wild,” conveying the message that we should enjoy wildlife where it belongs: in the wild. A few rules to keep in mind: All posters must contain the words “Keep Wildlife Wild 2021” and follow the theme of “A young wild animal’s best chance for survival is with its mother.” All posters must be original artwork of Wisconsin native wildlife. Posters should fit on an 8 ½” by 11” sheet of paper. Each submission must come from one person and submitted electronically by Feb. 12, 2021. Each grade level will have a first-, second-, and third-place winner, which will be announced in April, during the Keep Wildlife Wild week. Learn more online at