Serious Times, Silly Memories: Michael Perry Releases New Book, Music Video

author’s latest is a compilation of columns

Rebecca Mennecke |

If you’re in the mood for thoughtful essays on Christmas tree injuries, dating in a hearse, storms and farewells, memorials and mercy, the Sunday-night sads, wisdom of roadies, cucumbers and kindness, quotidian asparagus, pickleball, sushi boats, weird TV, and a strange evening involving Neil Gaiman, look no further than Michael Perry’s new book Peaceful Persistence, which includes Perry’s masterful columns published between April 2018 and last March – picking up where his most recent collection (Million Billion) left off.

Perry includes heartfelt – and often comical – stories on returning home, releasing injured birds back into the wild, and daughters dating that are sure to pull at your heartstrings. You can snag a copy at and at The Local Store, just in time for the holiday season.

While you’re at it, check out the new music video for “Little Bird” by Michael Perry and the Long Beds at

“Back before the pandemic I was having a bad day,” Perry wrote in the description. “Felt I was failing as a husband. Had a daughter in distress far from home and calling for comfort. Another daughter on the edge of change. I needed sunlight. I stepped outside into a beautiful summer afternoon. First thing I saw was an indigo bunting, dead in the grass. So I headed back into my little room above the garage and wrote this song. It’s about trying to do better. About how memories can sustain us. About letting daughters fly.”