Valley Treasure Hunters Get Another Shot at $1,000 Prize

the hunt begins again on Tuesday, Sept. 22

Rebecca Mennecke |

If you missed your shot at finding $1,000 in the last Chippewa Valley treasure hunt, have no fear!

The second Chippewa Valley Treasure Hunt, hosted by local treasure hunter Etrayu Fitzgerald, will begin at 8:30am on Tuesday, Sept. 22, giving you a shot at finding some spectacular treasure – and winning $1,000.

“While I want this to be an annual event, people have been calling for a second one in the autumn,” said Fitzgerald, an avid treasure hunter. “Depending on how the pandemic continues, there may be additional hunts in the coming months to keep people busy and engaged.”

And, it seems people are already excited. “Dang it,” one local commented on the Facebook announcement. “I got up this morning thinking it was the day, just to discover I am a month off.”

Similar to the first hunt, which was held in July, the item to look for will be something small – likely another stone – which is yet to be officially determined. Clues will be posted to the Chippewa Valley Treasure Hunt Facebook page and group, with an image showing hunt boundaries and rules.

“Be creative,” Fitzgerald advised, “keep an open mind about the clues, and while you’re waiting for the hunt to start, try to get familiar with public lands and parks in the Chippewa Valley!”

Stay up-to-date on the Chippewa Valley Treasure Hunt Facebook page.