Listen Up! Podcasts Are All the Rage in the Valley and We’re Here for It

Volume One has jumped aboard the podcast bandwagon

Luc Anthony |

WHAT'S THAT SOUND? Check out some of the recent releases of podcasts in the Chippewa Valley. Know of a good podcast? Email us about it at editorial@volumeone.org.
WHAT'S THAT SOUND? Check out some of the recent releases of podcasts in the Chippewa Valley. Know of a good podcast? Email us about it at editorial@volumeone.org.

Volume One has jumped on board to the podcast bandwagon with our very first podcast – The Volume One Podcast – starting in late September, so obviously tap “subscribe” and get ready for a whole other kind of free, lovably local content.

But there’s so much more out there! If you’re looking for more audio goodness from local thinkers and talkers – we’ll save you the searching. 


Passion Pod • Passion Board Shop’s Chris Johnson interviews fascinating young entrepreneurs from our area and beyond.

Wisconsin Bound • The Haas family (Tyler, Travis, and Jaycee Nauman) host a small batch comedy podcast with themes like “tall tales” and “megabrain.”

Cool & Unusual Punishment • Tyler Haas teams with Jodie Arnold to tell strange tales a-plenty, more recently with the episodic Joe Luginbill-focused “Luginbilled.”

Silence No More • You may have questions about domestic violence and sexual assault, and Bolton Refuge House answers those concerns and covers other related topics.

Michael Perry’s Voice Mail • The legendary wordsmith of the Chippewa Valley publishes his unvarnished perspectives (it requires a paid subscription, albeit with occasional free content).

Queer In The Valley • Breana Stanley and Ron Davis from the Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center chat with locals, chat pop culture, and include “The Golden Girls” in their monthly episodes.

The Social X Change Project • Sheng Lor Waldinger provides a platform to hear stories from the vastly diverse professionals who can be found here in western Wisconsin.

Conversations in Color • Hosted by Ed Hudgins and Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, this program from Converge Radio, Pablo Center, and Uniting Bridges discusses our community through a race and racial justice lens.

Banker With A Beer • Northwestern Bank’s Jerry Kuehl partners with Eau Claire Hometown Radio’s Scott Montesano and different types of beers to converse on financial matters (Eau Claire Hometown Radio features additional Chippewa Valley-area podcasts). Volume One’s very own Tom Giffey appears in one episode!

The Man Cave Football Podcast • Sports Talk 105.1 morning host Dan Kasper deep dives into professional football, including occasional interviews with national writers.

Chippewa Herald Sports Podcast • Sports Editor Brandon Berg talks with local coaches and sports figures to glean insight into the workings of the prep sports scene.

The 715 Podcast • Eau Claire Memorial students Jackson Sandler and Grant Gerber interview friends and other folks that are doing cool things and talk music, sports, La Croix, video games, and much much more.

Welcome To Cooperville • You used to hear him on the radio; now Cooper talks to musicians, entrepreneurs, and more about all the awesome aspects of life.

Eau Claire Is Here! • Jane Seymour-Kunick and Scott Kunick talk to some of the community notables from, well, here in Eau Claire!

Got Time For A Quick Story? • Local author Luc Anthony ends this list with his own podcast, interviewing people associated with pop/rock music classics, plus occasional local musical folks.