Well-Placed for Well-Being

yoga studio owner branches out with new fitness business

Caitlin Boyle, photos by Alexandra Mae |


Later this month, something brand-new is opening in the Haymarket Plaza that will target peoples’ well-being, both physically and mentally. The Well, 40 S. Barstow St., is a fitness center that will offer classes focused on getting people to work up a sweat and relax at the same time.

The owner of The Well is Amy Erickson, who also owns Latitude 44 Yoga Studio downtown. Her desire to branch out and offer classes beyond yoga goes back to her childhood in St. Francis, Minnesota.

“High-intensity fitness is something I grew up with as a tri-sport athlete and have pursued along with yoga through my adult life as well,” Erickson explains. “Previous partnerships with existing businesses have fallen short of what I desired for not only myself and members of Latitude but also members of our community.”

Erickson’s vision for The Well is simple: She wants people to come as they are for whatever reason they’re coming in for a class. Classes are highly modifiable, and Erickson is in the process of training 10 coaches who will be available to guide people through a workout that works with their body.

“We are not here to judge you, compete with you, fix you, or tell you that your bikini body isn’t up to par,” Erickson says. “What we are ARE here to do is empower you to challenge yourself, to have fun, to dig deeper, and to set a strong foundation for physical wellness, enabling you to build upon that into depths of mental wellness and beyond.”

Erickson wants to help people who come to The Well with making their foundation strong enough to withstand all of life’s challenges. She and the coaches will help people feel good and strengthen their physical well-being.

Classes at The Well will involve Erickson’s two passions: fitness and yoga. Workouts begin with yoga, followed by an intense core workout and then a high-intensity strength and cardio portion. Workouts conclude how they begin: with yoga. The high-intensity part of the workout is done with a person’s own body weight along with various equipment such as free weights, box steps, pull-up bars, resistance bands, and slam balls. Classes are offered in both 60- and 45-minute formats. Amenities include four shower rooms, yoga mats, a drinking fountain, natural lighting, and cork flooring.

The Well is set to have its grand opening on Monday, June 24, at 40 S. Barstow St., but people can already book classes and become a member at thewelleauclaire.com. A class schedule can also be found on the website along with membership pre-sale prices and information on how to prepare for the first class. You can also follow The Well on Twitter (@thewelleauclaire) or email Amy with any questions at amy@thewelleauclaire.com.