Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | April 20, 2016

Nick Meyer |

The long-awaited warm-up of 2016 is finally here. A stretch of sustained daily highs above 70 degrees has set in and I, for one, am not looking back. You can smell the fresh air and charcoal grills every day now. You can see, in real time, the landscape greening up before your eyes. And already, between the chirping of birds and the chatting of neighbors, you can almost hear the faint sounds of outdoor concerts, markets, and events wafting over the hills. Of course, to notice (or imagine) any of these things you have to stop and pay attention. You have to be still and take it in. Thankfully for many of us, the break-neck pace of the self-scheduled summer hasn’t started just yet. A lot of us have a few weeks before it all busts loose with graduations, reunions, weddings, vacations, festivals, and on and on. But right now – now we can still just enjoy the simplicity of our community reawakening to a classic Wisconsin spring. Savor it while you can. Get out to those parks and walk the length of your street. Do it now, neighbor, as that summer busyness will be here soon.

Journey Ahead

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