Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | April 6, 2016

Nick Meyer |

Here’s the thing about big ideas: they lead to more big ideas. When people are passionate about an idea (or their life, their job, their art, their community) it’s hard to stop at just one. We’ve had a lot seriously amazing ideas come to fruition here in the Chippewa Valley over the past few decades, and we’ve got even bigger ideas currently under construction. But what makes me smile is how our valley – the cities and the people and the energy held within – is not content to stop with one great development, one great concept, one great cultural movement. We’re not even content to stop at 10 great things. Among the next big things we’re reaching for is a year-round public market, hopefully to be part of the soon-to-be-redeveloped Cannery District on the west bank of the Chippewa River in Eau Claire. We’re talking about a well-designed, indoor farmers market you can visit to shop for groceries, get some lunch, meet local food makers, attend talks/presentations, hang out, etc. This is a well-funded effort. With the help of $100,000 in grants and sponsorships, the city is studying the feasibility of such a market; the money is meant just to explore the idea. Some of these funds are from a federal grant while the rest are from local businesses and organizations. So this is yet another example of a public/private partnership working to make this city a fantastic place to live and thrive. The idea here is not to replace something we already have, but to build on it. To keep it going. Keep it growing. Because big ideas aren’t meant to end at a certain point. They’re supposed move us forward.

Please take a few minutes before April 17 to become part of this new idea. Take a quick survey to help gather info towards making it a reality: surveymonkey.com/r/eauclaire_publicmarket