Everybody Likes to Win Awards, and We've Got Some to Give...

Nick Meyer

At the end of every January, the staff at Volume One hosts a fun little event in our gallery where several dozen of our contributors – writers, photographers, and illustrators – gather to eat, drink, and recognize each others’ work from the previous year. We call it The Contriby Awards, and in addition to handing out plenty of hardware (including the coveted “Bio of the Year” award) it comes complete with a red carpet photo op, musical numbers, and sometimes even a celebrity or two. We try to do it up as irreverent and tongue-in-cheek as we can, but the awards are serious. For us they help in a small way to recognize how important our contributors are to the culture of Volume One and the community we work on together. And even though winning an award is likely not at the top of the list of reasons why people contribute to Volume One, it’s still fun to get one. For some, those reasons may include the pay we offer for things like feature stories or opening letters. For others, contributing is a logical résumé builder. And for others still, it’s simply a creative outlet and a way to participate in their community. Regardless the motivation, we’ve been thrilled – for nearly 14 years now – to host the work of some of the area’s most generous and talented creatives. If you are or have ever been a part of our pages – thank you. And if you’d like to be one of these fine people and to have a shot at one of those Contriby Awards next year, visit VolumeOne.org/contribute to learn more or contact us. It’s not an exclusive club; it’s just a group of people who care about this place. So please, consider joining us.

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