City Residents' Online Input Favors Confluence

Thom Fountain |

In the second use of the City of Eau Claire’s new public perception tool – the Electronic Eau Claire Conversation, or E2C2 – City Manager Russ Van Gompel posed a question that’s on everyone’s minds these days: “What do you think about the Confluence Project?” After weeks of open debate and responses, the community consensus came down in favor of the project. Just over 61 percent of respondents supported the Confluence, with 32 percent opposed and 7 percent undecided. More than 100 citizens provided their reasoning as well, all of which is available to read (if you’re into that sort of thing) at If you’re interested in what your neighbors are thinking, you can break down the results by neighborhood as well. But hey, if this public discussion proves anything about Eau Claire, it’s that we’re all neighborly, right?