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So, What Makes a Craft Cocktail?

Thom Fountain

Let’s cut to the chase here: We’re going to spend a lot of time here just talking about booze. But booze plays an important role in our culture. We gather in bars to watch sports and talk politics and go on first ...

So, What Makes a Craft Cocktail?

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Let’s cut to the chase here: We’re going to spend a lot of time here just talking about booze. But booze plays an important role in our culture. We gather in bars to watch sports and talk politics and go on first dates ....

Grandiose Ambience

Waldemar’s debut EP aims high and delivers

Thom Fountain

When we talk about singer-songwriters there’s an image that comes to mind. It’s the guy from Gilmore Girls strumming a guitar with a harmonica ...

So, What Makes a Craft Cocktail?

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Let’s cut to the chase here: We’re going to spend a lot of time here just talking about booze. But booze plays an important role in our culture. We gather in bars to watch sports and talk politics and go on first dates and celebrate our lives ...

From Farm to Glass

the freshest ingredients make the freshest cocktails

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

'A bar shouldn’t be considered any different from a kitchen,” Megan Arts – the manager at Dive and The Informalist – told me. “You have a series of ingredients and it’s how you use them to create the drinks.”

Dive Deeper Into Craft Cocktails

local and not-so-local craft cocktail resources

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Chippewa River Distillery – The new distillery and brewery in Chippewa Falls creates mid-range spirits perfect for any occasion. They also have a small tasting room to give you some inspiration.

Son of a Printer Man

emotional experience informs Kalispell’s new album Printer’s Son

Thom Fountain

Printer’s Son opens with a rising tide. Strings and woodwinds slowly build on each other, culminating first in a loose soundscape, then a subtle melody ...

"I Tried the New Leinenkugel's Restaurant in Kansas City"

Thom Fountain, photos by Thom Fountain

To get this out of the way upfront, the Kansas City Leinenkugel’s is not a full blown taste of home. But it's also definitely not a failure. I moved down to Missouri a couple years ago and was beyond excited ...

Eau Claire: Music City?

an international report outlines what it takes to be a music city. local musicians tell us if we make the cut

Thom Fountain

In our effort to look at the Chippewa Valley’s potential as a music destination, we turned to experts for guidance. Just this June, a comprehensive report titled Mastering a Music City was published by the international music association, IFPI, and Music Canada. We’ve excerpted and contextualized ...

It's Only 90 Miles

many twin cities musicians have Eau Claire roots, but the road goes both ways

Thom Fountain

Alot of musicians have driven the stretch of Interstate 94 between Eau Claire and Minneapolis, sometimes on tour, but other times to move their lives and try their luck and their craft in a new locale with a new crowd. That’s what brought Drew Christopherson and Mel Gibson and the Pants to the Twin Cities in 2001 ...

Gehrke the Genre-Bender

artist displays multi-faceted pieces at library

Thom Fountain

To say Robert Gehrke is a multifaceted artist is slightly underestimating him. The painter, sculptor, craftsman, and collector of things has had a wide and varied career – everything from gallery shows to public sculpture ...

Volcano Choir gets you ready for some football

Thom Fountain

The NFL is upon us, folks. Preseason is kicking off, which leads to the regular season, which leads to the playoffs, which leads to THE PACKERS WINNING THEIR FIFTH SUPER BOWL.

From Surf Rock to Indiepop

growing Ashley For The Arts music fest pulls in big names

Thom Fountain

You like the Beach Boys, right? I mean, everyone likes the Beach Boys. Now, what if I told you the Beach Boys are going to be here in western Wisconsin. You’d probably lose it, right?

Field Reporting In

Thom Fountain

Former Eau Clairian Chris Porterfield made some waves with his first album as Field Report, picking up national press and touring the country many times over.

Bon Iver pens new song for Zach Braff film

Thom Fountain

NPR Music premiered a new song, "Heavenly Father," by Vernon that was recorded for the soundtrack of upcoming feature film Wish I Was Here – a Zach Braff joint.

Filming the Farm

a chat with Inga Witscher, host of local TV series Around The Farm Table

Thom Fountain

Around The Farm Table started as a Web show and after only one season has gained a regional following and national attention from PBS. We caught up with the show’s host and producer Inga Witscher about why you should support farmers, why soil ...

Field Report announces sophomore LP

Thom Fountain

Former Eau Clairian Chris Porterfield made some waves with his first album as Field Report, picking up national press and touring the country many times over. The now Milwaukee native also snagged locals Shane Leonard and Ben Lester to join ...

Megafaun's Joe Westerlund is releasing ... something ...

Thom Fountain

Eau Claire native Joe Westerlund – known around these parts for his time in DeYarmond Edison and more recently in Megafaun – has played his fair share of eclectic music, but this might take the cake ...

Living Up

exploring loft apartments in downtown Eau Claire

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Exposed brick walls. Architectural elements from a 1950s dental office. Big windows and high ceilings. A small patio that looks over the city ...

Music of the Mid West

Thom Fountain

Though it’s across the border and on the other side of the Mighty Mississip’, Winona, Minn. isn’t actually that far away. And that’s good for us because every year the small college town plays host to the homegrown Mid West Music Festival ...

Feasting On Tomfoolery

a Q&A with the Found Footage guys on their latest prank

Thom Fountain

Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett have made a career out of weird, awkward videos. The UWEC grads now based in New York created the Found Footage Festival in 2004, which collects VHS tapes of public access shows, infomercials, self-help tutorials ...

High School Musical

Thom Fountain

For 10 years now Wisconsin high schoolers have had an outlet to get some pretty sweet attention, studio time and gear from the statewide Launchpad Battle Of The Bands. The competition pits high school bands of all varieties (rock, metal, ska ...

Tapes Before Lions

Thom Fountain

Hounds Before Lions has been creeping up in the Eau Claire music scene, bringing its contemplative indie rock to venues around town. The group finished its first recordings late in 2013, but now they have a physical release ...

Natural Instincts

S. Carey’s sophomore album connects with the world around us

Thom Fountain

Coming into S. Carey’s sophomore full-length (and third release), you’d expect a record with more poise and maturity. And he absolutely delivers. The Eau Claire-based singer/songwriter/jazz player/Bon Iver member blends his influences ...

Eight-Foot Squid Preps Newest Film, Telemarketer

Thom Fountain

Your pals over at Eight-Foot Squid have something up their sleeves. The film production company that has brought the Chippewa Valley a variety of films over the last few years (Grand Theft Matrimony, Fenris Unchained) is beginning work ...

Arts West Hits 35 Years with a Bang

Thom Fountain, photos by Anna Mateffy

ArtsWest is the annual showcase of some of the best artists in the Chippewa Valley and it’s back this year in full force. The 35th iteration of the art show at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire runs until April 4 ...

UW-Barron County Launches Fest for Writers

Thom Fountain

UW-Barron County up in Rice Lake wants to talk to you, Chippewa Valley writers. Yeah, you. This May 10 the college is planning the Northwest Wisconsin Writers Festival and it’s asking local writers and authors to attend. The festival will ...

Heart of the Matter

Thom Fountain

Eau Claire music veterans Jonathon Seeley, Adam Thoms and Alyssa Rieper have banded together to create a new expansive folk/country group, Heart Of The Heart. The three-piece – with the help of a handful of other EC musicians including ...

Knock On Wood

renowned type museum brings collection to UWEC

Thom Fountain

Considering the quickening pace of technology, a lot gets left in the dust. But as our hands get less and less dirty on a daily basis, we certainly lose some of the art that comes with the “old way.”

City Residents' Online Input Favors Confluence

Thom Fountain

In the second use of the City of Eau Claire’s new public perception tool – the Electronic Eau Claire Conversation, or E2C2 – City Manager Russ Van Gompel posed a question that’s on everyone’s minds these days: “What do you think about ..."

Revival Records spins down the street

Thom Fountain, photos by Tyler Tronson

The new space – which was previously occupied by When I’m 64 – will give Revival more room that can be used to expand genres and get more records out on the floor for customers to dig through as well as provide space for a stage to create an ...

S. Carey is bringing it home

Thom Fountain

S. Carey might be known by many as a Bon Iver off-shoot, but that’s dismissing a lot of what this local singer / songwriter / composer / all-around-great-guy brings to the table. His first album was a gorgeously organic, jazz-inspired record that sho

Creative Crawling

The Banbury Art Crawl is back, expands to new building

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Banbury Place stands seemingly quiet after the closure of the Uniroyal Goodrich tire plant. But open the door and walk the hallways and you’ll find art studios, businesses and a growing cultural space that ...

North House Preps New EP

Thom Fountain

Eau Claire electronic musician North House is a workhorse. Alex Tronson, the 20-something UW-Eau Claire student behind North House, keeps his Bandcamp page active, constantly posting new tracks, remixes, and mixtapes that show a surprisingly ...

Sad Ewok Infiltrates House of Rock

Thom Fountain

While this might be one of the weirder stories of the year, it’s not too surprising considering who it comes from. Minneapolis experimental band Marijuana Deathsquads (headed by Eau Clairian Ryan Olson) has a new video for their song ...

Get Supercharged

Thom Fountain

Tesla Motors – the electric car company that took the auto world by storm behind leader Elan Musk – is starting to creep into Eau Claire. Tesla has installed new Supercharger stations off I-94, behind Fired Up Pizza, Mac Man, Sports Clips ...

Volume One's 2013 Year in Review

Thom Fountain, Tom Giffey, Mike Paulus, design by Kaitlyn Bryan, photos by Andrea Paulseth

2013 WAS A ONE HECK OF A YEAR. The Confluence Project pushed forward, our downtown experienced development ups and downs, and we got to know a host of new community leaders. Now, as the year wraps up, we take a look back at the last year in the ...

Tresure Under Your Nose?

LEPMPL presents Antiques Roadshow-style event

Thom Fountain

The words “historian,” “antiques” and “PBS” generally don’t conjure up suspense and excitement, but if you’ve ever spent much time watching Antiques Roadshow you know exactly what I’m talking about. The long-running program brings in average ...

Into the Sky

annual ski jump fest returns

Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Everyone lauds the various events that make Eau Claire’s summers so active: Country Jam, Country Fest, and Rock Fest; the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series; the U.S. Chainsaw Carving Championship; Festival in the Pines (to name just a few) ...

The Shafers take over Volume One Gallery with new show

Thom Fountain

A true power couple in the world of Eau Claire art will be joining forces at the Volume One Gallery, 205 N. Dewey St., with a new show in January and February. Anders and Barbara Shafer, both professors emeriti at UW-Eau Claire, will present ...

Punch to the Gut

diverse local musicians take hardcore swing

Thom Fountain

Andy Plank has gotten around in the Eau Claire music scene, playing with indie rockers and folksters and coordinating projects that bring genres together, but he got his start at Nate’s Dungeon.

Dwarfcraft Adds to Its Stable of Pedals

Thom Fountain

Dwarfcraft Devices has been serving up fuzz and noise to the world from right here in the Chippewa Valley for years, but a recent acquisition might branch them out even more. The Eau Claire-based guitar pedal company recently took over ...

Catchin’ the Red Eye

Thom Fountain

IT’S A PRETTY UNIQUE THRILL to be skiing down a mountain, poles up bouncing off the fresh powder as you guide yourself through the pristine winter scene. For the last 40 years, the Red Eye Ski Club has pursued that exact feeling, taking trips ...

Über Shows on the Way

Eau Claire House of Rock bringing the hits in coming weeks

Thom Fountain, Dustin Hahn

The day after Christmas often brings hangovers from candy and cookies and, well, actual hangovers. But you better get your butt in gear because this year it also brings one of the biggest shows of the year: a homecoming of sorts for EC’s own ...

Stout's Muppet Show

students study with Jim Henson Company

Thom Fountain

It’s tough not to love Jim Henson’s creations. The man behind the Muppets, Sesame Street and plenty of other colorful, scraggly puppet monsters has sewn himself in the cultural fabric of the last five decades, and now a group of 22 students ...

Get the Party Started

Thom Fountain

Sometimes the only thing to do in winter is throw a party. That’s exactly what three artists are doing at the Acoustic Café, 102 Main St., in Menomonie all through the month of December. Art Party is a show featuring the work of local artists ...

Help make the new Kalispell album

Thom Fountain

Shane Leonard has been a staple in the Chippewa Valley arts community for some time, his presence even felt over the last year that he's relocated to Chicago. Leonard played jazz around town, plays drums and banjo in Field Report, taught and ...