Note from the Editor | Oct. 24, 2013

Nick Meyer

When we first started Volume One more than eleven years ago, I was mostly interested in the music and film sides of our coverage areas. I guess that was because at that time I was in bands and I made films, so that’s more where I was coming from. And while I was also interested in visual art, literature, theater, and other cultural disciplines, it really wasn’t until we started actually making the magazine that my appreciation for those areas grew considerably. I’d say today that my personal interests in local arts consumption are more concentrated in visual art and theater. And it’s definitely the art side where my interest has grown the most. So much so that Volume One has its own gallery and that we’re now hosting our second annual Ink & Paper Print Sale, which already grew more than 30% this year to feature nearly 100 artists and multiple copies of more than 400 different print titles. It all starts at the party on November 1 and goes through the end of December. If you’re not necessarily a local art enthusiast, this show is actually a great place to start. Tons of different images in many styles all available to purchase quite affordably. Come to just look or come to buy, either way it’s a great way to get a sense of what’s getting made in the Chippewa Valley. It’s also a way to get a sneak peek at possible future Volume One cover art, because we picked quite a few covers from last year’s work.