Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Mar 28, 2013

Nick Meyer |

Nobody cares about somebody else’s vacation. Well, sorry, because I can’t seem to stop myself from talking about my vacation. My real vacation. I say “real” because I haven’t been anywhere outside Wisconsin or Minnesota, nor taken anything more than a long three- or four-day weekend in more than four years. And even those weekends have been pretty few and far between. But as I write this I’m about to fly to California with my wife and kid for a full week. It’s a vacation. A real vacation. And with this stubbornly cold air and snow-packed winter, it couldn’t come at a better time. But to the rest of you not on vacation, I have great news. They’re coming. Those coveted, sustained, over-40 degree temperatures. They start right about the time this issue hits the streets – shortly after we’ll tumble into April and pretty soon the relentless daily blizzards of March 2013 will be long forgotten. The snow totals have been through the roof (almost literally) and the cold just wouldn’t let go. But we’re here now – just days away from spring. And by the looks of us all, we could use it. Oh, but not me. I’ll be rested, tanned, and back in town by the time this comes out – resolving to never wait four years to get away ever again…