The Daydreamer's Journal

Kinzy Janssen |

If there is such a thing as an average anthology, “Live Life: The Daydreamer’s Journal” is anything but. The recent and ambitious publication carries two world records – one for “the most authors [150] contributing to a published anthology of short stories and poetry” and another for “the most artists [36] contributing to the cover of an anthology.” Also a rarity is the fact that all royalties from sales go to the American Cancer Society. It even contains pieces from seriously decorated authors and poets. And, perhaps most astoundingly, it was orchestrated by full-time UW-Stout students who had previously devoted their time to the sciences, not the arts. Ricky Hoverman, an engineering student, and Jessica Morrison, a psychology major, who were able to glean 1,000 submissions through a huge social media and online presence. From there, the pair (plus three authors), chose print-worthy writers, including 11 UW-Stout students and such revered names as Rita Dove (1987 Pulitzer Prize Winner), comic writer Marv Wolfman, science fiction writer David Brin, and English novelist Gwyneth Jones. The University Honors Program largely funded the project. Now that’s extra credit.