The Art of Endurance

downtown event to benefit Alzheimer's patients

Emily Anderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Brent Douglas Flowers For Everyday will host an art show and classes during The Longest Day event.
Brent Douglas Flowers For Everyday will host an art show and classes during
The Longest Day event.

Almost 2,000 people in Eau Claire County suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and even more than that have a friend or relative with the disease. With so many of us that are affected by Alzheimer’s in some way, finding a cure is more important than ever. In order to do their part, Azura Memory Care, an Eau Claire facility that helps patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, is hosting the first annual Longest Day: Endurance, Art and Eats around Barstow Street on Wednesday, June 20. This two part event is the local version of the Alzheimer’s Association’s event, just called The Longest Day. The purpose is to raise awareness of this disease, honor those who suffer from it, and raise money to find a cure. The first part of this event asks community members to challenge themselves by doing any activity (running, walking, knitting, biking, etc.) that tests their endurance, and to get donations for doing so. Donors can donate a lump sum of money or donate per some unit of activity, in any amount they wish. According to Azura’s Community Relations Director Paula Gibson, “every quarter gets us closer to a cure, so every donation counts!” Anyone can sign up as an individual or a team, either through the Alzheimer’s Association website ($54/person), or as a part of “Team Eau Claire”, which is sponsored by Azura Memory Care. Your chosen activity can be done at home, work, or at the Eau Claire YMCA (you do not have to be a Y member) on June 20.

The second part of The Longest Day will take place downtown, on and around Barstow Street. Starting off the evening is an art show and class at Brent Douglas – Flowers for Everyday from 4 to 6pm. The show will feature work from the residents at Azura Memory Care. Downtown businesses Clancy’s, Obsession Chocolates and Chocolate Lounge, Playmakers Bar and Grill, Revival Records, Tangled Up in Hue, The Fire House, The Mousetrap, Wildwood Crafts and Treasures and Yellow Dog Knitting will donate a portion of their proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association for purchases made after 5pm. Finally, Micon Cinemas – Downtown theatre will be screening a special showing on The Notebook at 7pm. As Gibson says, “Come out and shop ‘til you drop, eat, drink, and save memories.”