Legit Music to Beat on Mount Simon

Ben Rueter |

Techno beats and drops will shake Mt. Simon Park and avid local technophiles with “Legit Music.” The “Legit Music” event will shuffle various techno beat masters from the Eau Claire area. Those interested in what they hear can pick up the compilation CD that is releasing alongside the event. Kevin Stoner assembled a handful of local musicians that he knows for this compilation and the release event. “I saw a wide variety of incredibly talented music from Eau Claire producers and I wanted that together in a collection,” Stoner said. Some of the talented musicians that Stoner is featuring on the CD include Matured Existence (Carlin Kaufman), Docfresh (Andrew Niese), Hyperion (Josh Lewellen), Supercell (Damian Souder), Airrik (Erik Dale), and Stoner himself. “Legit Music” will take place at Mt. Simon Park on April 20 from 1-11pm.

Album Teaser: