Weaving Quite a Yarn

Lindsey Quinnies

Intended for mental health professionals, fiber artists, and anyone who loves textiles, Ann Futterman Collier’s newly published book Using Textile Arts and Handcrafts in Therapy with Women: Weaving Lives Back Together is a guide to the psychology, practice, and application of textile arts as a therapeutic tool. Collier, an Eau Claire native, teaches courses in abnormal psychology, counseling techniques, and art therapy theory at the University of Wisconsin, and her book provides insight into why her research shows that women in particular are able to use “the metaphors naturally embedded in the fiber mediums” as a coping mechanism to promote their mental well-being. Her innovative book highlights this original and natural method of self-expression, its role in the lives of modern women, and its legitimacy as a therapeutic tool. Pick one up at The Local Store.