The Nucleus to Host the New Solo Outfits

slices of the defunct Feathe (and a slice of Farms) to play rare Nucleus show

Kinzy Janssen |

Johanne Swanson
Johanne Swanson
Slices of the now-defunct Eau Claire female folk trio Feathe will be playing a rare show at The Nucleus on January 14 at 8pm. Notably, Johanne Swanson has returned briefly from the heat of Albuquerque, New Mexico to play some “keyboard drone pop” under the name Yohuna. The project represents new territory for the accordion-toting singer. Another former Feathe member, Adelyn Strei, has a band called Adelyn Rose, which can be described as docile form of indie folk rock that knits together heartbreak and beauty. And Farms’ Andrew Todryk, whose solo project is Vacation Dad, will send “chillwaves” (the words of a Pitchfork reviewer) into the audience via his otherworldly vocals and urgent drumming. Expand your musical horizons this year with some guaranteed variety in this cozy nook-of-a-coffee house. The suggested donation is $3.