Note from the Editor | Oct. 21, 2010

Nick Meyer

 Big news at Volume One. Perhaps you noticed the doors and windows all papered and boarded up in recent weeks. That’s to build anticipation. After years of thinking about someday opening an actual storefront full of local “stuff,” we’re finally doing it. The Local Store, at the Volume One World Headquarters (17 S. Barstow St.) should be opening its doors in early November (as well as an updated webstore on For the last few weeks we’ve been coordinating an effort to totally re-arrange our office and make room for tons of new products – all either produced by someone local, or simply evoking “local” in some way. Things like apparel, books, music, art prints, stickers and more. It’s basically a (dramatic) extension of what we’ve already been doing for a few years – selling local music and books and creating shirts like our line of neighborhood tees and others. So take all that, add some new categories and a bunch more stuff, multiply it by an awesomeness factor of 10, and that’s The Local Store. We’re pretty excited about it and hope you’ll keep us in mind (along with all of downtown) this holiday season!

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