Note from the Editor | Sept. 9, 2010

Nick Meyer

Wearing your community pride right on your sleeve is certainly nothing new. The “I (heart) NY” t-shirts have been around since the early 70s. But the simple act of slapping a city’s name on a shirt or jacket has obviously been around a lot longer than that. You may be aware of Volume One’s line of community t-shirts depicting the names of local neighborhoods like the Third Ward, East Hill, Putnam Heights, and more (watch for new neighborhoods this holiday season!). There’s also the popular “I (bike) EC” shirts and others. (All can be purchased at or at our office at 17 S. Barstow Street.) Now we’re wondering what other products might be fun to produce. What sorts of locally oriented products would you like to see made? Basically we’re looking for simple, cool stuff that Volume One could make or sell this holiday season. Maybe something like vintage local post cards or local music compilations – stuff like that. We figure we might get the best ideas from y’all – a bit of “crowdsourcing” if you will. If you’ve got a suggestion or two, email us at, or even give us a call at 715-552-0457. If we use an idea, we’ll be sure to give you credit and a free one of whatever it might be!

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