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Heilmann invites you to coffee

Emily Kuhn

(School superintendent Ron Heilmann mug not included.)

Have you ever had a question to ask your school board but weren’t able to attend an official meeting? Or perhaps you were simply too uncomfortable standing before a group in such a formal setting? Well, here’s your chance to voice your questions comfortably! Beginning Dec. 4, Chippewa Valley residents will have a monthly opportunity to ask members of the Eau Claire Area School Board any question on their minds, thanks to an initiative to increase communication efforts to members of the public. The first Friday of every month the school board will host an informal question-and-answer session at the Acoustic Café in downtown Eau Claire. “We are hoping that anyone who would like to talk directly with our superintendent, Ron Heilmann, as well as members of our school board, will take the opportunity to stop by,” stated Teri Piper Thompson, partnership coordinator for the school district. “We know it can be very intimidating to address a board of seven people with a microphone in front of you and an audience behind you. We hope folks in our community will take this opportunity to stop by the Acoustic, grab a cup of coffee, and chat with our board members and Ron about issues and topics that are important to them. We have not done this in the past, so we’re hopeful that we’ll get a positive response from the community.” The sessions, which will not feature predetermined agendas but focus on whatever questions people have that day, are currently scheduled for January 8, February 5, April 9, May 7, and June 4. More information on these sessions can be found online or by calling Piper Thompson at 852-4907.

    Board With Your Coffee? • first Friday of every month • Acoustic Café, 505 S Barstow St., Eau Claire • 8-9am • FREE • 852-4907 •

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