Flyaway Film Festival Infested with Zombies

Lisa de Felice |

Zom. Bees.

Sundance Film Festival ain’t got nothing on Pepin! From Oct. 22-25, the Lake Pepin Art and Design Center will hold its second annual, non-profit Flyway Film Festival. A variety of 68 independent films will be shown over the weekend, festival director Rick Vaicius said, starting Friday at 7 pm, at the Stockholm Opera House. The festival is doing something new this year with the International Zombie Summit! Starting Saturday at 1pm, Vaicius said five internationally made zombie movies will be shown, including Redneck Zombies and Dead Snow. “Dead Snow is probably equivalent to rock and roll,” Vaicius said of how cool the Norwegian film is. For $10 a movie, patrons can enjoy an independent film, along with a question and answer period by the cast, crew, and/or writers of certain films. Visit for more information or to buy tickets.