Desolatevoid’s Rave Reviews

impressive showing on Blabbermouth and in Metal Maniacs

Andrew Patrie |

Make room Bon Iver, but be wary of the thickening miasma beginning to fog the limelight. Your elegiac tones may get bruised by the lumbering shape stepping up to share in the accolades. That’s right; Eau Claire’s Desolatevoid has surreptitiously brought even more national attention to our little scene. As Volume One first covered back in October, the band’s sophomore album, No Sign of Better Times, came out on Crimes Against Humanity Records in late 2008. The record has now garnered rave reviews at heavy metal mecca, where it received 8 out of 10, and found its way into one Metal Maniacs scribe’s honorable mention list for best albums of the year. Watch for an upcoming interview in that same magazine. Even Eau Claire, slow to embrace sounds this extreme, has gotten in on the act, with the band recently receiving airplay on 99.9fm The Carp. Keep an eye out this spring for a split release between Desolatevoid and South Carolina’s The Last Van Zant.

UPDATE: Brent K from Desolatevoid says, "Due to Metal Maniacs magazine folding, our interview that was going to be with them will be at instead. (Right here.) Once the interview is posted we will post a link to it on our myspace page. We are sad to see a magazine with a 20 year history fall victim to this downward turn in the economy. Fortunately there are plenty of web outlets for music fans of all styles of music."