track to air on satellite TV

Andrew Patrie, photos by Hanna Agar |

Indie rock band – and by rock I mean a heavy thing that will sink a freighter of catchy riffage in your ear canal if you bring it aboard – FanOffBirdSafe is also doing its part to spread a bit of Eau Claire groove to ports near and far. The band’s eponymous track will be featured in episode five of The Killers of Comedy on the Road, airing late this winter on the Howard Stern Satellite Network. According to vocalist/guitarist and V1 contributor Michael Bushman, “… the show itself is a reality-type program that follows ‘The Promoter’ around [and]… all the shenanigans … that go into being the promoter … for the Killers of Comedy … a revolving comedy tour that keeps going out [and] features mostly Howard Stern alumni.” The band is completed by Matt Florence (bass/vocals) and Andy Mulheron (drums). Check the track out in advance, and some of their other killer tunes, at the band’s Myspace page.