Hit Up the New, Family Style Buffet Restaurant

Carrie Weiss |

Freshly opened on Dec. 15, the Ciao Line Family Buffet features an impressive spread of your favorite home-cooked comfort food. Located in the former Mama T’s (2225 Fairfax St., Eau Claire), the restaurant helps patrons feel at home with its warm atmosphere and wafts of the same dishes Grandma makes. The buffet will be open seven days a week, including a Sunday brunch. Fresh chicken soup of every variety—including Cajun, noodle, and dumpling—is made fresh daily, to accompany the miles-long salad bar. Featured dinner items like Italian hot beef, lasagna, ribs, shrimp, and pork loin will change nightly. The restaurant also serves beer and wine. Top off your meal with bread pudding, chocolate fountain cake, or fruit pizza. Then roll home.