Wisconsin Has No Need to Be Surly

Mark Koenig |

They’ve finally done it – Minnesota’s Surly Beer has invaded Wisconsin, and the story of why they are doing so is a doosie. Until recently, the beer was only available in Minn. The owner claimed he wouldn’t sell in Wis. until Brett Farve retired. When that almost happened, Wis. beer lovers clamored for the brew. So the owner made a new bet: if the Vikings beat the Packers on Nov. 9, we’d get the beer (thus, we’d need to cheer against the Packers). Well, the Vikings won. Surly is currently flowing near you at Eau Claire’s Grizzly’s, Milwaukee Burger Co., and Brothers while also at the Stout Ale House in Menomonie. All varieties offered by Surly combine both old and new country flavors as the brew master rakes the malt from the Germans, Belgians, and Brits while helping the local folk by using Minnesota barley. Cheers!