Luna Mortis

lead singer of Madison band proves metal’s not just for men

Andrew Patrie |

Heavy metal has always had a reputation as being a “boys club” both in band composition and as the primary demographic at the shows. However, there have been the rare exceptions. Consider Girlschool, forming in the late 70s, and the mighty Warlock, under lead woman Doro Pesch, during the 80s as proof that girls can rock just as hard as the boys and bridge the gender divide. On the shoulders of these giants then, from the mid-90s onward, there has been a steady ascension of female fronted bands to the fore of the heavy metal movement. Madison’s Luna Mortis (formerly The Ottoman Empire) are newer recruits to the ranks but can hardly be considered “green.” Having released one full-length album, Way of the Blade (2006), and a couple EPs, they have been snapped up by indie metal monster, Century Media Records. Oh yeah, and their vocalist (Mary Zimmer) is a girl. But this fact is relevant only in the context of metal’s historically predominant masculinity. Times have changed. What really matters is the music, and in that regard, Luna Mortis deliver. With a sound that situates them comfortably on their new label (think Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy, and the early to mid-90s “Gothenburg” sound as reference points of departure), Luna Mortis have the kind of hooks that Pinhead would envy; just try dislodging some of them from your gray matter. Come early and catch Eau Claire’s answer to Meshuggah, Mors Mortis Machinatio, and Canada’s symphonic black metal horde, Wolven Ancestry.

    Luna Mortis + More Mortis Machinatio + Wolven Ancestry • Friday, Nov. 14 • House of Rock, 422 Water St., Eau Claire • 9:30 pm • $5 • Ages 21+ • 715-838-0158 •