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Glimpse | Eagle Scout Creates Shared Bike System

Claire Jeffries, photos by OJ Hornung |

A soon-to-be Eagle Scout, Dane Goldbeck, recently started the “Community Owned Bike Project,” which will make bicycles available for people to borrow. Goldbeck has been collecting donated bikes and restoring them with the help of several other Scouts and parents from Troop 36 of Grace Lutheran Church. The bikes have been placed in a rack along the bike trail across from Just Local Food (helmets are available at Just Local Food). The idea is that people will be able to use these bikes to get from one place to the next, and the bikes are to be returned to the rack for others to use. However, the returning of the bikes is based on the honor system, something people have already violated. On Goldbeck’s first trial-run with the bikes, some were stolen. Though he has extra bikes he has restored to replace the missing ones, he said it was extremely disheartening. Goldbeck mostly started this project for the community. “Because of gas prices, more people are riding mopeds or bicycles and looking for better transportation,” said Goldbeck. This project is aimed to help people with their transportation needs. “This is just a starter project,” Goldbeck said, “I am hoping to get other scouts involved to expand it."