The Weekly Shakedown

Mike Paulus

What's up, our esteemed readers? Here's a whole bunch of stuff you might have missed last week. Dig:

  • We’ve got a new blog – local paranormal investigator Chad Lewis digs up really weird news stories from the area’s past and provides commentary.
  • The Peer Validated guys listen to Ryan Adams, David Carsten Daniels, the Black Eyed Snakes, and many more.
  • The newest issue is online, along with extra stuff like tunes from FanOffBirdSafe and pictures from Mark Aumann.
  • Local Independence host Scott Morfitt interviews local photographer Drew Kaiser.
  • You guys have been adding restaurant reviews like crazy.
  • Here’s a little something from the video galleries to get you all excited for Autumn in the Chippewa Valley.
  • And, of course, our Best of the Chippewa Valley 2008 is up, and you guys seem to be voting maniacs. I guess that bodes well for that big voting-based event in November.

Oh, and we’d like to give a big, hearty, double-handed handshake to our site sponsors, like these guys over here.