Egg-stravagent Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Thu. Mar. 3rd, 2016

Pan Thao

Believe it or not, we’ve been dunking eggs in colorful baths since the 13th century. This has inspired the creation of many ways to dye and decorate eggs over the years. This Easter ...

My Grandpa, My Marine

Thu. Mar. 3rd, 2016

Erika Johnson, photos by Travis Dewitz

Jan. 12, 2013 is one of those dates that will hold steadfast in the young, tender heart of 9-year-old Teslyn, my daughter. There are certain days and reflections in life that define who ...

Craft Time: Pot o' Gold

Wed. Mar. 2nd, 2016

V1 Staff

Named after a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day has become a cultural mainstay with plenty of parades, potatoes, and pinching ...

Hatching a Plan for New Easter Traditions

Mon. Feb. 22nd, 2016

Stephanie Sirek

My favorite things about any holiday are family traditions. We’ve continued the traditions that my husband and I had as children (and created new ones!) with our four kids. Below are three of our family’s favorite Easter traditions ...

How About Indoor Snow Painting?

Fri. Feb. 12th, 2016

Stephanie Sirek

When it’s too cold to go outside and play in the snow, don’t let that ruin the fun. Bring a bit of the outdoors, indoors with this fun activity ...

Make Your Own Love Bug Valentine

Fri. Feb. 5th, 2016

Love Bug Valentine’s are easy for kids to put together themselves and all the supplies can be at the dollar store.

2 Colorful Creations to brighten winter days

Wed. Jan. 6th, 2016

by Eau Claire Regional Arts Council

Whether it’s at the library, the mall, or the park, every year the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council’s ARTmobile helps foster creativity in thousands of Chippewa Valley youngsters. Here are two artistic ideas from the ARTmobile’s colorful archives that will warm up even the gloomiest winter day ...

Children’s Books Teach about numbers and parental love

Wed. Jan. 6th, 2016

Raquel Dorf

Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Jeanne Styczinski is back at it again, gearing up to publish her third book, Who Will Be My Friend?, in 2016. Styczinski, a UW-Stout graduate and Menominee kindergarten teacher, is the two-time recipient of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award ...

Write Your Family History one day at a time

Tue. Jan. 5th, 2016

Julie Toske, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I have written several books that could be best sellers. But being a best seller would mean that people would read my books, and that has never been my intention. These books are my personal journals. I started writing in a journal when I was about seven after receiving a diary with a lock on it from my best friend ...

Make Your Own cinnamon applesauce tree ornaments

Wed. Nov. 18th, 2015

Shannon Paulus, photos by Shannon Paulus

If you’re looking for a fun holiday activity that produces a super cute homemade gift and/or present topper, hold on to your tinsel. Cinnamon applesauce ornaments are totally the way to go. This has always been a great project for me and the little ones to do together. My daughter loved it the first time we tried it ...

'Tis the Season to Be Crafty

Wed. Nov. 4th, 2015

V1 Staff

Whether it’s at the library, the mall, or the park, every year the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council’s ARTmobile helps foster creativity in thousands of Chippewa Valley youngsters. Here are two artistic ideas from the ARTmobile’s colorful archives that fit the holiday season like a warm mitten.

12 Top Recordings to share with your kids

Wed. Sep. 9th, 2015

Rob Reid

I like to think that I’ve heard more children’s musical recordings than anyone in the entire history of mankind. I listened to over 300 children’s recordings for the first edition of my book Children’s Jukebox, and another 650 children’s recordings for that work’s second edition. As a result of this Guinness World Record-like ...

Art for All Ages with the ARTmobile

Wed. Sep. 9th, 2015

Laura Lash

However YOU pronounce it – Mo-bull? Mo-bile? Mo-beel? – we all know and love the ARTMobile, managed by the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council. There’s no specific vehicle, yet there are ample opportunities to partake in art with your children – babies through teenagers – while out and about in Eau Claire ...

5 Uses for Apples (other than eating them)

Fri. Sep. 4th, 2015

V1 Staff

If your family is anything like mine, autumn is time for apples – lots of apples – and sometimes you end up with more than you know what to do with. If you’re tired of making applesauce and apple pie, here are some ways to use apples that don’t involve putting them on your plate.

Traveling Public Art

Tue. Sep. 1st, 2015

Mike Seitz

kids' art get displayed on Eau Claire city buses

If you’ve ever tried to avoid awkward eye contact with a stranger on the bus by looking up, then you’ve probably noticed art that is on display instead of the regular old ads. “Art on the Bus” is a community public arts project that was started in 2000 by Paula Gorski ...

Chalk the Walks: Chalkfest’s new location and more!

Mon. Aug. 10th, 2015

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

After seven successful years of sidewalk art extravaganzas, Volume One’s annual Chalkfest has finally outgrown downtown Eau Claire’s charming (but pint-sized) Wilson Park and has found a new home on the UW-Eau Claire’s central campus mall on Saturday, Aug. 15. Chalk art admirers ...

An Exciting Change-Up for Chalkfest 2015

Thu. Jun. 25th, 2015

Eric Christenson

Since 2008, thousands of Chippewa Valley folks and their families have made Chalkfest – Volume One’s annual mashup of visual art and sidewalk chalk – a summer staple at Wilson Park in downtown Eau Claire. Now, to take the event to the next level, Volume One ...

Breaking the Mold

Wed. Jun. 24th, 2015

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Christian teen skit group tackles full-length musical

Put the words “church” and “theater troupe” in the same sentence and you generally conjure images of kids clad in old bathrobes portraying shepherds in the annual Christmas pageant. That’s not the vibe you’ll find with Eau Claire’s TAG Skit Group, a troupe of seventh- through 12th-graders who’ve been performing at churches, camps ...

Exploring an Art Gallery: 3 Steps for Getting Kids Into Art

Wed. Jun. 3rd, 2015

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There are some great things about taking kids to an art gallery. Just for one, it’s a rare thing these days to see really well-made images that aren’t trying to sell you something. It’s another rare thing to be able to take time to look and listen. Art galleries put really well-made images ...

Big Changes for Chalkfest 2015

Tue. May. 26th, 2015

V1 Staff

annual summer chalk art event relocating to UWEC campus, adding amenities

This summer will see an entirely new approach (plus a new date and new location) for Chalkfest, Volume One’s classic chalk art event in downtown Eau Claire which thousands of people have been attending since 2008. To take the event to the next level and build its strength ...

7 Sconnie Waterways and the Sea Serpents That Love Them

Tue. May. 26th, 2015

James Johonnott

Previously, we’ve written about the histories of Wisconsin’s many waterways and lakes. Now that boating season is back, we bring you a look at the monsters that may (but probably don’t) live in said waters ...

Hearing from Home

Thu. May. 14th, 2015

Bailey Berg

real-life letters tell farm family’s tale

In an era of text messages, emails, and Snapchats, it’s becoming increasingly uncommon to pen the long, detailed letters of decades past. Communication is snappier, broader and, as former-local author Sarah Deluca argues, not as deep. But her latest book ...

liveART 5

photos by Megan Johnson

25photos »

The foundation of liveART is where the viewer/critic and the artist come together in one special place - the studio, aka The State Theatre Stage. Artists were hard at work in their individual "studio" areas, conversing with the public ...

Familial Verses

Tue. Mar. 31st, 2015

Barbara Arnold, illustrated by Andrea Paulseth

Garland’s poetry discussion series explores family life

The latest poetry discussion series hosted by Wisconsin poet laureate emeritus (and UW-Eau Claire English professor) Max Garland draws its inspiration from an insightful line penned by a legendary Russian novelist. ...

Walk Two Moons @The Oxford

Luong Huynh

19photos »

The Eau Claire Children's Theater's staging of Walk Two Moons runs Jan. 9 through Jan. 17. Based on Sharon Creech’s award-winning novel, 13 year-old Sal tells the story of the disappearance of her best friend Phoebe’s mother ...

It's a Wonderful Life (2014)

photos by Andrea Paulseth

27photos »

It's A Wonderful Life chronicles the life of George Bailey, an everyman from the small town of Bedford Falls, whose dreams of escape and adventure have been quashed by family obligation and civic duty. On Christmas Eve, his guardian angel ...

Clearwater Edible Book Festival

photos by Andrea Paulseth

32photos »

On Saturday, February 15th the Clearwater Edible Book Festival took place at the Eau Claire Public Library. Prizes were awarded in each category (individual adult, teen or teen group, family, food professional, or library staff). Entries must have b

5 Fun Projects: Turn Trash into Fun

Fri. Nov. 11th, 2011

Max Grones

We throw away tons of or trash every week and honestly, a lot of it isn’t so much trash as stuff we just don’t want anymore. Here are five ways to have fun with some of that stuff you’re bored of.