Virtual Variety Hour

Chippewa Valley Virtual Variety Hour

WE WANT TO SEE YOUR VIDEOS! In an effort to spread some positivity during this crazy time of social isolation, we present to you the Chippewa Valley Virtual Variety Hour – a video compilation series featuring home-recorded videos by you while you’re stuck at home social distancing. We want to see the creative and perhaps goofy ways you and your families, pets, roommates etc. are making sense of a crazy time, and making the absolute most of your time indoors. Maybe you’re an artist playing a song, maybe you made an insane Rube Goldberg machine, maybe your dog is cute! We bet it is!

➜ Go ahead and tag us @volumeone in your videos on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Then we’ll edit ‘em all together and drop them periodically as short compilations so we can all see a slice of what life in the Chippewa Valley is truly like in this unique moment. Feel free to have some fun with it! Let's make something cool as a community.