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FEATURE STORY: Karaoke in the Valley (A Scientific Analysis)

Samantha Kobs, design by Mackenzie Slattery, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Samantha Kobs

According to the peer-edited and highly regarded online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, karaoke was first popularized by a Japanese engineer in the late 1960s as a form of dinner entertainment. Since then, karaoke has ...

Tractors and Pinstriped Overalls

thinking about the things my grandfather did

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Mackenzie Slattery

My grandpa on my Mom’s side fixed up old tractors until cancer took him away. That was almost 20 years ago. He and my grandma lived in a Wisconsin farmhouse on a road bearing their name ...

Hair Naked

revealing tales of fantastic follicles

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Mackenzie Slattery

y earliest hair-related memories (besides seeing my Dad with his shirt off) involve my mom shuffling me off to her salon in Eau Claire. She’d have one of the ladies cut my hair as I entertained the entire shop with my unbearably ...

Merging Into the Fast Lane?

arrival of ride-sharing services signifies city’s growth, but it’s not the only tipping point

Luc Anthony, illustrated by Mackenzie Slattery

A few months ago in this Opening Letter space, I wrote about what seemed the determining factor in Eau Claire’s ascendance to big-city status: the moment when Uber would choose to establish itself in the city ...