What’s So Cool About Downtown Menomonie? One New Podcast Can Tell You

‘Downtown Menom: The Podcast’ promotes community

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Timothy Mather

THEY KNOW MENOMONIE. A podcast focuses on what's happening in dowtown Menomonie.
TALK OF THE TOWN. A new podcast focuses on what's happening in Menomonie.

For a city of just over 16,000 people, menomonie might seem like nothing extraordinary. And that’s precisely why Dustyn Dubuque and Becca Schoenborn of Downtown Menomonie Inc. decided to launch their debut podcast, Downtown Menom: The Podcast, which explores the places and people that make Menomonie a place worth living –or visiting!

“We both have felt like there is this missing piece of the work that we do here (at Downtown Menomonie Inc.),” Schoenborn said. “We are so focused on downtown, but there are so many other cool things about Menomonie that we don’t get to talk about.”

The podcast – which was released with Eau Claire Hometown Media and launched in early May – features interviews with local leaders on a variety of local topics – aiming to get a behind-the-scenes look at known community people, as well as to discover hidden gems in the community.

“Once you live here and immersed in the community, it is such a different place than you thought it would be,” Schoenborn said.

You might wonder: how do they decide the topics they’ll talk about? “We don’t,” Dubuque said. “We keep it really relaxed.”

Check out Downtown Menom: The Podcast at echometownradio.com or any major podcast platforms.

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