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Crafting & Making

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5-8pm Thursday Apr. 18

JT Pyro's Custom Hat Bar

Includes a hat (fedora or cowboy), accessories, band, and learn how to customize it to your style. Arrive early for a wine tasting.

River Bend Winery & Distillery
Chippewa Falls

Crafting & Making

12:30-2:30pm Sunday May. 5

Copper Ring Macrame

A fun workshop with Lexi Luft from Midwest Macramaniac. She'll show you the "ropes" to create your own unique wall hanging with a copper hoop.

Collective Charm
Chippewa Falls

Crafting & Making

10am-4pm Saturday May. 18

Developing Drawing Skills

This process-oriented workshop is for those who want to further develop their basic skills and gain more pleasure in drawing.

The Heyde Center for the Arts
Chippewa Falls

Crafting & Making

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