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[PHOTOS] INVENTIONS & INNOVATIONS: Fashion Without Fabric Show

UW-Stout’s annual runway show featured around 280 student creations this year

photos by Timothy Mather |

UW-Stout’s annual fashion show, Fashion Without Fabric, returned for another stunning presentation of student works on Saturday, April 15. Kicking off at 7pm in the Memorial Student Center Great Hall at UW-Stout, the sold-out event allows 3D Design course students to show off their skills. This year’s theme was “Inventions & Innovations.”

As explained on the school’s website, “For this year’s theme, ‘Inventions and Innovations,’ teams drew a random slip of paper to see which invention from across the centuries they were assigned. Their fashion creations will represent a vast array of items, including pacemakers, motorcycles, guitars, gummy bears, Lego, kites, jet engines, bubble gum, cassette tapes, and even Cheese Whiz, explained Cathie Weissman, a financial specialist for the School of Art and Design.”

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