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[PHOTOS] April Fools Day Pillow Fight 2023

it was five minutes of feathery fury and a whole lotta fun

photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Volume One’s April Fools Day Pillow Fight returned this year for the first time since 2017.  Held in the courtyard of the Oxbow Hotel on Saturday, April 1, the five-minute event happened in typical Wisconsin fashion: a snowstorm the night before, snow removal filling the morning hours, and community members coming together for some good old-fashioned silly fun at 1pm sharp.

In addition to scores of locals – many of them dressed in ridiculous outfits for the occasion – the Volume One Action Squad was there, clad in their signature red jumpsuits, while official Pillow Inspectors milled about in white coats and clipboards, making sure no one was packing a rock-filled pillow case.

Thanks to the Oxbow Hotel, A/V expert Jamey Brownell of Kaleidosocope Entertainment, and to all the good-natured participants for an awesome (and injury-free) battle!

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