Volume One presents the

April Fools Day Pillow Fight

It’s dubbed a “celebration of foolishness,” but it’s no joke: A citywide pillow fight will really be held at 1:00pm, April 1, in the courtyard of the Oxbow Hotel, at the corner of Galloway and Barstow Streets in downtown Eau Claire.

The pillow fight brings together hundreds of locals of all ages for a few minutes of lighthearted fun in the springtime air. People show up, pillows in hand, ready for cushiony combat. Many people dress in crazy costumes and sometimes whole families roll up to fight as a unit. A set of basic safety rules and reminders will be laid out prior to the fight, and Volume One staff will be on hand to monitor the melee.


1:00pm sharp, Saturday April 1st, 2023


Families, Friends and Neighbors – the more people the better! And pillow pacifist spectators are more than welcome.


Oxbow Hotel courtyard, at the corner of Galloway and Farwell Streets in downtown Eau Claire


North Barstow Parking Ramp or surrounding lots


Afterwards, prizes will be awarded for things such as best pillowcase, best costume, group costumes, and more.


  • DO take off any glasses or any sort of headgear
  • DO pick on people your own size and don’t try to hurt them
  • Do NOT swing at people WITHOUT pillows or WITH cameras
  • Do NOT be stupid and ruin this for everybody

Pro tip: In years past, the deeper you get into the crowd, the faster the pillows are flying, so it’s best to keep younger kids out at the edges battling lil’ gladiators their own size.


Anyone who participates in the pillow fight does so at their OWN RISK. Volume One, the Oxbow Hotel, or any other affiliated party are not responsible in the unlikely occurrence of personal injury or wounded pride. If you do not wish to assume your own risk, then you must leave the premises. NOT leaving signifies you accept your own responsibility and are ready for some feathery fury.

Ye Olde Media Coverage

2023 Pillow Fight

The annual Volume One April Fool's Day Pillow Fight returned this year to the Oxbow Hotel with a vengeance! Kids of all ages battled it out for 5 minutes, all dressed up! Drone Footage Provided by Up Up and Around.


2017 Pillow Fight - From the Sky

The fantastic drone footage you see here was shot by Eau Claire's SpinVision!


2008 Pillow Fight

This short official video documents the 2008 event and celebrates the absurdity of it all.