Send a Little Love: LGBTQ+ Center Hosts Holiday Card Exchange

get out your craft supplies and share the holiday spirit

Kalyn Cronk |

Got a little extra time this holiday season? Pull out your cardstock, colorful papers, markers, gluesticks, feathers, glitter glue, and any other crafting supplies you deem necessary to get in the festive spirit, and start making some festive cards for Eau Claire’s LGBTQ+ Community Center’s holiday card exchange. Sign up by Nov. 19 to spread some holiday cheer at the community center’s Facebook page. You’ll receive a list of names and addresses; send some holiday or winter cards to these people, and they’ll send cards back to you! The card exchange works on an honor system, so be sure to make it a mission to send them to all the names on the list. When it comes to what to create, that’s completely up to you! It can include penguins, polar bears, cats, dogs, unicorns, snowmen, Santa Claus, or any other winter-themed, holiday-inspired, Christmas-cheer themes. The most important thing? Creating the hap-hap-happiest of cards to spread positivity throughout the Chippewa Valley. Check out more information at facebook/com/lgbtcommunitycenter. Cheers!