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Get Your Game on With Game Tables in Eau Claire Parks

functional furniture offers opportunities to play checkers, chess

Elana Dresen, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Eau Claire is sprucing up its parks, thanks to a gift from the Rotary Club of Eau Claire, which recently donated five custom game tables for park goers to enjoy.

These game tables feature a checkerboard design in the center – perfect for a game of checkers or chess – and provide seating for four individuals.

Three of the tables are set up in McDonough Park in the Active Aging Area, and the remaining two are slated to sit by the Fairfax Pool.

“I know the parks will be enhanced by this donation,” said parks manager Steve Plaza in a media release. “Our goal is to promote healthy living by providing activities for all ages within our park system. These tables in both locations will provide a place to rest and an opportunity to socialize and participate in a game of checkers.”

The tables are meant to allow local families and friends to bond with some healthy competition, as well as to help local kiddos develop and maintain valuable skills and foresight.

An added bonus: these game tables also keep the classic games of checkers and chess alive!