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Grandpa Pens Book to Explain Emotions

Chippewa Falls man’s ‘light-hearted’ book inspired by granddaughter

Serena DeMars |

Why is My Grandpa Grumpy? by Jim Bloms is a heartfelt story inspired by his granddaughter, Jules, who – like many children – may not understand why adults can be grumpy.

The story aims to help children realize that other people’s emotions are not their fault.

“The book is very light-hearted,” Bloms said, “and my hope is that it will initiate and improve generational family connections and understanding. I hope the book achieves (those) goals through humor and family connections. Also, the book is based loosely on my own grandparenting experience.”

Bloms, who lives near Chippewa Falls, has already co-authored a hospitality industry guidebook with Bill Ryan in 1999, as he has been in the hospitality business most of his life, including owning The James Sheeley House from 2001-15 and The Country Inn near Rice Lake from 1981-1995. So he might know a thing or two about being grumpy! Long days working in public-facing jobs can be tough.

Check out the book at The Local Store (205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire) and Amazon. It’s also free with Kindle Unlimited.