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Family’s Business Makes Dough (Literally!)

Eau Claire parents, kids sell their handmade playdough under Dough City Company label

Sawyer Hoff |

Gregory and Kane Larson are taking Eau Claire by storm with their handmade playdough business, Dough City Company.

With the help of their parents, Etta and Bryan, this business has brought fun and safe ways to create and have fun to many people in the Chippewa Valley area – and even people around the country.

The Larson family started Dough City Company in January 2020, as they wanted to share their dough with the world. It later became a blessing, as many families were forced to buckle down and stay home to stay safe.

“It’s kind of a fun, family assembly line.” –Etta Larson, Dough City Company

“The boys each took some money from their savings and started it up,” said Etta Larson, Gregory and Kane’s mom. “They purchased the containers, the business cards, and the product.”

Not only is it fun for Gregory and Kane to watch their business grow, but they also really enjoy making their dough as a family.

“One of them will help measure the ingredients, put it in the pan, and then I’ll do the stirring because it gets a little thick and heavy.” Etta Larson said. “It’s kind of a fun, family assembly line.”

What makes this dough special, you may ask? It’s is made from common kitchen products and contains no chemicals. If a child were to accidentally ingest it, it wouldn’t taste pleasant, but it would cause no harm.

If little ones leave their Dough City dough out to dry, you can simply wet your hands and mold it back to life! In other words, there is no need to keep throwing out your dry dough any longer.

During the holidays, the Dough City Company was able to send some of its dough to Dude Dad, a well-known YouTuber who makes videos about family life. After Dude Dad made an Instagram story giving Dough City Company its stamp of approval, the Larson family saw a 200-follower increase on Instagram overnight.

When the Larsons – who have lived in Eau Claire since 2008 – are not making and selling cool dough, they enjoy playing with Legos and playing video games.

If you’re looking to get your hands on their doughs, you can reach out to them on Instagram, Facebook, and their newly opened Etsy shop ( If you are in the Chippewa Valley, you can enter code FREELOCALDROPOFF when ordering through Etsy and they will deliver the dough right to your doorstep.

In the future, the Larson family would love to try different things with their doughs, such as adding scents or making a gluten-free recipe. Etta Larson also expressed her dream of opening a storefront where they could highlight other products by young entrepreneurs.