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Best of the Valley 2021: Where Can You Get the Best Pizza?

our readers have spoken, and here’s what they said in the latest poll

Eric Rasmussen |

One of the top-rated pies at Geno's
One of the top-rated pies at Geno's, 5110 Fairview Drive, Eau Claire.

In our 2021 Best of the Chippewa Valley Poll, we asked our readers what their favorites (and sometimes least favorites) were in more than 300 categories. Here’s how voters responded to the eternal question: Where can we find the Best Pizza?

Eau Claire has long enjoyed palatial and kingly pizza offerings (“Del Re” means “of the king,” and Sammy’s palace is located on London Road). But this year, a relative pizza newcomer wins top honors. It’s still just cheese, sauce, and crust, but Geno’s (5110 Fairview Drive, Eau Claire) topping generosity and thin-crust-plus style puts them a slice above the rest. In second and third place are longtime bastions of local pizza, Pizza Del Re (911 N. Hastings Way, Eau Claire) and Sammy’s Pizza (2812 London Road, Eau Claire). While both of these locations boast incredible buffets that we missed in 2020, the quality of their pies kept them in our minds and on our plates all year long. –Eric Rasmussen

1. Geno’s Pizza

2. Pizza del Re

3. Sammy's Pizza Palace

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