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Eau Claire Sets Up Winter Recreation Path

Wintermission Eau Claire to partner with city on pilot project

V1 Staff |

Images: City of Eau Claire
Images: Wintermission, City of Eau Claire

Wintermission Eau Claire has announced plans to partner with the City of Eau Claire on their first project geared to make the city more winter-friendly. While we are no strangers to the colder months – Wintermission points out we experience 40-60 sub-zero days each year – they hope to make the season more recreational for locals through grants and partnerships with the City of Eau Claire.

➜ To read about Wintermission, we have an article here to bring you up to speed.

This inaugural project in Eau Claire, dubbed the "Winter Recreation Path," is the first step in establishing a "Winter City Strategy" for Eau Claire – a series of programs to be implemented in the coming years. The Winter Recreation Path will include a four-mile portion of central trails to be cleared and rendered safe for biking, running, or walking after each snow event, ensuring a space for activity to safely continue even in the coldest, snowiest months Eau Claire has to offer. 

For more information about this year's Wintermission and plans for future Winter City Strategies, visit