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THIS WEEK: Decadent Cabaret Moves to the Metro

Eric Christenson, photos by Kelsey Smith |

Decadent Cabaret 2017
Decadent Cabaret 2017

The Metro – downtown Eau Claire's newest live music venue – is the new host of legendary Eau Claire festival Decadent Cabaret, where dozens of local bands come together and play tribute sets of their favorite artists. The organizers just released the full lineup of bands for the 39th installment of the weekend-long event on March 1-3.

Thursday: Wayward, Chamber Noise, Orenda Fugue, The Lie, John Buxton Experience, Squatting Walnut, Robin Mink, Typecats.

Friday: The Jaggernauts, Jim Pullman Band, Beercan Pentagram, Yam Cannon, Filthy Sweet, AM Up, Irie Sol, Idle Empress, Arms Aloft, picard, Pit Wagon.

Saturday: Venison, Screemo, Drunk Drivers, Not Picard, Twisted Rhythm, Giants of Midgard, DiY DaIsY, Paint Dry, Contingency, Lizzy Diance, The Ronald Raygun, FMDown, Fathom, Distant Friends, Skully Jones.

AND! For the first time in years, Decadent will be an 18+ event. The Torch Sisters will perform each night and Artisan Forge Studios will provide art installations. Learn more on the Facebook or at the website. More details below ...