The Informalist Defines "Farm-To-Table" in Tasty Video

The Informalist – a farm-to-table eatery in downtown Eau Claire’s Lismore Hotel – decided to show its customers exactly what “farm-to-table” means with a fun video showing off some of the people and places that make it happen.

Between gorgeous footage of local farmland and downtown Eau Claire, you meet some of the key players that make a restaurant like The Informalist hum. You hear from the owner (Zach Halmstad) and the front of house manager (Amy O’Connor), and you get to see the cooks and staff at work. But one of the best interviews features Executive Chef Amy Huo talking about the ethical and sustainable role the restaurant plays in our community. Seeing the actual chef behind the food you eat and hearing her culinary philosophy is ... well, it's pretty cool. It keeps us connected to our meals and the place we call home.

Like many local businesses, The Informalist is tied directly to the health, wellbeing, and development of downtown Eau Claire – its buildings and its people – so it’s great to see how much care they take in building that relationship.

This post was produced through a partnership with The Informalist in downtown Eau Claire. Learn more!