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6 Wisconsin Roadside Attractions Not Too Far From Here

Katie Reidt |

Sup, Chatty.
Sup, Chatty.

It’s summer and the great state of Wisconsin boasts a plethora of roadside attractions, which means it’s time to explore. Here’s a list of the six quirky attractions within a 100-mile radius of Eau Claire. Feel free to suggest more in the comments!

1. World’s Largest Talking Cow, Neillsville

Only in the Dairy State would you find the World’s Largest Talking Cow. Seven times larger than an average cow, Chatty Belle has something more valuable than size: her voice. Although it’s been reported that she’s lost her voice, Chatty Belle is still a Holstein to see. Find Chatty on Facebook.

2. Rock in the House, Fountain City

The 55-ton boulder that plowed its way through a house may have chased a married couple out of their home, but it has its perks. The Rock in the House has been granted a historical preservation permit, allowing visitors to walk through the house, exploring and reading about other local disasters. Who knew a 55-ton boulder could be such an object of special character. Learn more.

3. F.A.S.T. Fiberglass Mold Graveyard, Sparta

Nothing’s stranger than a bunch of giant, abandoned fiberglass objects ... unless you make an attraction out of it. FAST Corporation has kept molds from almost every job they’ve ever done, leaving them littered in a field behind the workshop. Visit and stroll among the eerie collection of weathered fiberglass objets, animals, and ... other things. Learn more.

4. Forest of Chainsaw Totem Poles, Medford

With over 400 chainsaws lodged in more than 20 telephone poles, you might think Leatherface is nearby. Instead, a roadside firewood business sits, welcoming visitors to view their lumberjack art – now all you need is a beard and a flannel and you’ll feel right at home at the Forest of Chainsaw Totem Poles. Learn more.

5. Jurustic Park, Marshfield

Home to several extinct, iron-made creatures that inhabited McMillan Marsh, Jurustic Park is a beastie filled sculpture garden. Explore the park and view the sculptures all made from found antique objects. Unlike Jurassic Park, these creatures aren’t harmful. They also have a Hobbit House. Learn more.

6. World’s Largest Six-Pack, La Crosse

You might call the big six-pack in La Crosse one of the granddaddies of Wisconsin roadside attractions. There’s a sign in front stating the World’s Largest Six-Pack would fill 7 million twelve-ounce cans, which would provide one person a six-pack a day for approximately 3,351 years. That seems like a lot ... even for a Wisconsinite. Learn more.