Ladies' Night Out at Apricot Lane

Katie Larson

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be about everyone else but you. Apricot Lane Boutique, the newer fashion store in Oakwood Mall, hosts private Ladies Night Out fashion parties to help encourage you to think about yourself for at least one Sunday evening during the holiday season. What is a Ladies Night Out party? It’s pretty simple. It’s a party in which the “Hostess” grabs a small group of eager-to-shop, brutally honest friends to mix and mingle with the latest winter fashions. The “hostess” as well as the loyal friends who tell her that the dress she is trying on looks fabulous on her receive discounts and can win prizes as the night unfolds. There are drinks and food for all to enjoy as the outfits are mixed and matched by your friends and a stylist from the store. The night out event is the perfect opportunity to let loose with some friends, pick up a must-have item at a discounted price, and potentially get some holiday shopping completed for others as well. So grab some of your closest gal pals, call Apricot Lane to set up your private Ladies Night Out event, and set the kids up for a fun night with Dad because Momma needs her “Pretty Woman” moment over the holidays.

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