Chippewa Valley Writers Guild Interviews Volume One's Nick Meyer

V1 Staff |

For their March newsletter, the Chippewa Valley Writer's Guild interviewed Volume One owner/publisher Nick Meyer on the occasion of our recently released 300th issue. Guild organizer BJ Hollars talked to Meyer about how the magazine started and how it rolled on to what we see today. You can read a short article and listen to the interview on the Guild's monthly podcast. Here's a snippet ...

   Though I’ve long heard rumor of Volume One’s origin story, I’ve never heard it directly from Nick.  However, given the abundance of birthdays in that basement, it only seems natural to harken back to the old days.

   “What was [Volume One] initially supposed to be like for you?” I ask.

   “The whole reason it started—my personal story for it—was there was a band called the Buddyrevelles, who I thought was the greatest band in the world.”   

   Nick discovered the local band while attending a show on the UWEC campus in the fall of 1998 ...

Read and listen to the rest of the interview!